Here’s what questions Chris Ingrassia, President of Mustang Restorations, Inc. answers on today’s episode:

  • Tell me a little about your business?
  • When did you open the doors and where you always a Mustang shop?
  • Why did you get into the Mustang restoration business?
  • Are you a business guy turned Mustang lover or Mustang lover turned business guy?
  • What is something Mustang lovers have in common?
  • When someone wants to restore a Mustang, what are some typical questions they ask?
  • What’s it like to work with your sons? Do they love the business?
  • When someone is looking to restore, what should they be thinking about?
  • I’ve seen cars brought out of junk yards as rust buckets — and rebuilt. Is that typical?
  • What do you say to the owner that is looking to have a daily driver and just wants a reliable classic mustang, but looking to fix her up?
  • What’s your favorite 1st gen mustang 64-66?
  • Do you prefer dealing with a novice, someone schooled or an expert in Mustang and mechanical lingo when hired to restore their Mustang?
  • Provide advice for the novice Mustang enthusiast looking to get into a car.
  • Provide advice for the Mustang experts in our community.

Mustang Restorations Inc website:
Phone: 847-428-9889

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