Chris Slee, owner of Kiwi Classics and Customs in Franklin, Tennessee and host Doug Sandler talk about some of the key "How To’s" for buying a classic Mustang, what to look for when shopping and how to find a safe early generation Mustang.

More about:

  • Buying tips to get a safe, classic Mustang
  • What to look for in a safe purchase
  • How to spot a flip seller
  • Do it Yourself or professional mechanic, why there is a difference
  • Where does Chris get his parts from for his shop
  • Discussion about the value of the Fastback
  • Is Chris a businessman turned Mustang lover or Mustang lover turned businessman?

Chris Slee
PHONE (615) 516-3838
Instagram @kiwicustoms
Facebook: Kiwi Classics and Customs

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