What’s Up Doc?

Chris Ingrassia answers your questions

Chris, “The Doc” Ingrassia is back again to answer all of your questions relating to your classic Mustang.  His knowledge of the business is second to none. At any given point he will have 20-30 Mustangs in his shop. He is the president of Mustang Restorations Inc and his family has been in the restoration business since 1980 although his love affair with Mustangs goes back well beyond that. Chris runs the show at Mustang Restoration and is here today to talk shop.

Questions answered by “The Doc” and Doug today include:

1. Does color changing a classic car really effect its value?

 2. I’ve lost my keys to the car. What can I do?

 3. I see you perform quite a few body style changes to Mustangs making hardtop Coupes into Convertibles & Fastbacks. Is this really worth it?

 4. I love the way my classic Mustangs looks. Its timeless in style.. But it brakes & steers like an amusement park ride. What can I do to make the car more user friendly without hurting its originality?

 5. These old classic’s were produced at a time when gasoline had lead in it .. Should I be worried about pouring an additive into my gas tank?

 6. New cars today have so much in the way of occupant protection in the way of Air bags & Crumple zones & seat restraints. Should I worry much about the overall safety of my classic Mustang or the other non Mustang classics I have in my garage?

7.How to go about decoding the VIN to get as much info from it about your car as possible. As well if there is a way to get a complete build sheet if the one in the car has been lost over time. 

Christopher Ingrassia Mustang Restorations Inc. – 

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Keep it safe, keep it rollin’ and keep it on the road. Until next time! 

~Doug Sandler

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