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Ford Mustang community, today we take a step back to the future. We all know the future of the brand is in the hands of the next generation. Today our guest is Kevin Eubanks – and Kevin represents the next generation loving the Mustang brand, classic Mustangs specifically. Here’s the email I got from Kevin to get on the show:

I just started listening to your podcast and already love it. I am a huge fan of anything related to classic mustangs. I am 25 and already have had 5 Mustangs, 4 of which were 1970 or older, I’m currently working on 2. The first one I’m currently working on, I bought in a field of Mustangs in middle Georgia as a college graduation/commissioning present to myself. It is a 1970 Mustang fastback. The other, which I bought when I got stationed in Hawaii is a 1966 Mustang Convertible GT 289 4 speed. I am still relatively new and learning as I go.I would love to give encouragement and inspiration to those who are younger in the community or those who, like me, are just figuring things out as they go, one step at a time. 


If you own a Mustang, how long have you owned your ride?: 

The 1970 fastback I have owned for about 3 years. The 1966 convertible I bought about 7 months ago.

What do you do for a living?: 

I am a Naval Officer 

If you own a Mustang or classic car, have you named your car? 

The 1970 does not have a name yet. The 1966 is called Rusty

If you’ve made improvements to your classic car or restored it, what work have you done?: 

1970- Had the carb rebuilt, did some body work to get rid of the surface rust, I’m finishing up rewiring the whole car. 1966 convertible- rebuilt the front suspension, replaced the doors, replaced the grill and fog lights, new carb, new power convertible top system (still need the new top), currently in the process of rewiring this one as well.

What plans do you have for improvements/restoration/modification of your classic car?:

1970-planning for a high performance build, either a built 351 or possibly a coyote swap later down the road. 1966- building into a nice driver to have fun with. It has power steering, a/c, and disc brakes. I might switch to a power brake system


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Keep it safe, keep it rollin’ and keep it on the road. Until next time! 

~Doug Sandler


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