Hi, my name is Doug Sandler and I am the host of this podcast. My fascination with 1st generation mustangs goes way back to me as a kid. I was born in 1964, so it’s not just coincidence that the Mustang is something I am drawn to, it was meant to be. I’ve watched and listened as the low rumble approached me, love seeing those first generations drive by me when I was a little kid. It didn’t matter to me if it was a coupe, convertible or fastback, engine size didn’t matter, stick or automatic — the ponies always drew my attention. But it wasn’t until many years later — over 4 decades that I had the money and the space, both physical space and mental space to make a go at owner ship.

I own a 1965 blue convertible 289 auto as of the recording of this Jewel has about 97,000 miles and she’s a “daily driver” I put that in quotes because while I she is my only 4-wheel source of transportation, I work from my house as a podcast producer and really only drive her about 100-200 miles a month. She’s never been on a long trip except for the day I bought her in San Francisco, a really rainy day in January, bringing her to her new home in Southern California, by my home very close to LAX. I love taking Jewel out for any drive at all but one thing is sure, I get head turns at nearly every traffic light, grocery store, gas station or neighborhood I drive through.

Speaking of, in my neighborhood alone there are a handful of 1965 and 1966 ponies, I don’t know those owners yet, but it is just a matter of time.

I love talking, tinkering and TLC’ing my Jewel and she’s been good to me and brings me so much joy.

That brings me to the podcast. As I said earlier, I am a podcast producer, a previous frustrated college DJ with no broadcast outlet until podcasting came into popularity to help me share my message and my expertise. I host a handful of shows including a business show called The Nice Guys on Business podcast. And while I do not profess to be an expert in the world of Ford Mustangs first generation, I do know where to find the experts. Facebook, Instagram, local connections, my local repair shop, people just want to talk about their cars. And I want to give them a platform to share. Stories about their cars and how they found them, barn or junkyard, Craigslist or Facebook or handed down by parents or grandparents, the repairs they have made, modifications and restorations.

So much of what i see on social media is the need for information. How to fix, repair, replace, how to buy, barter and bargain. What after market parts are available and what homemade solutions are best for their ponies. I’ll bring you experts and amateurs, but one thing is sure, I will wrap it in an entertaining and informative interview style format. If time allows, I will bring this podcast to you once a week.

Once thing I will need, I will need your ideas, your inspiration and your help to build our community even larger. This will not be a show for just gear heads and gadget talk. It will be great conversations with interesting people, all with a common bond — 1st generation mustangs. So if you are ready to go, let’s have some fun and giddy up. And thanks for tuning in, my name is Doug Sandler and this is Ford Mustang The First Generation The early years podcast.

Host email: doug@turnkeypodcast.com

Do you have a show idea or want to be a guest on the show? Email show host doug@turnkeypodcast.com and in the subject line write “MUSTANG”

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