Gail and Tom Wise, The original, original Mustang owners.

Questions we detail on this episode:

  • Did you know you were going to be a rock star?
  • Take us back to April 15th 1964 Gail
  • Tom, what came first, the love for Gail or a love for the Mustang?
  • Does she let you drive it Tom?
  • Looking at the pre-restoration pictures, you had some work to do
  • Tell me about the place the car takes in your family
  • Any close calls to getting rid of her?
  • When did you realize she was the first Mustang sold?
  • Now I know you have probably had a meal with major players in the world of Mustang, but I am throwing a virtual dinner party and you can invite 5 people to dinner that have made an impact or have influenced your life or just because you think they are cool, who do you invite
  • What comes next for you both?

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