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John Kraman requires little introduction. A virtual encyclopedia of automotive information, he’s the director of company relations, supervisor of on air talent as well as an avid collector and one of the industries most respected and recognized voices for Mecum auctions and NBCSN. In this replay of The JP Emerson Show, JP and John talk about Mecum Auctions and the success of the Mecum brand.

Episode Notes

From Mecum website:

All eyes looked to Mecum Auctions in Florida to carry the torch for the January collector car auction action with hopes that the company would kick off 2021 with positive news and successful sales. Not only did Mecum answer the call, it delivered the message with $141.2 million in sales and an overall sell-through rate of 90% in January. For 10 straight days at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida, Mecum put on a spectacle of automotive entertainment, sending 2,030 collector cars home with new buyers for a whopping 89% sell-through of the total number of cars offered, an unprecedented sales percentage for a reserve-based auction of this magnitude. Less than a week later, Mecum took the auction action just 2.5 hours southwest to Punta Gorda, where the company auctioned the Muscle Car City Museum collection at no reserve, sending 200 more collector cars into the hands of eager enthusiasts bidding both on-site and from the comfort of home.

Mecum Kissimmee 2021 was held Jan. 7-16 and saw total overall sales from its 10-day duration reach $122.8 million—the highest single-auction total ever achieved in Mecum’s 34-year history. Friday, Jan. 15 marked the largest single-day total in company history, as the day’s sales reached $34 million with Carroll Shelby’s personal 427 Cobra, CSX3178 (Lot F145), becoming the annual event’s top seller and taking the crown as the most valuable 427 Cobra ever sold at public auction with a $5.94 million final sale price.

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