Vintage cars, road trips, cocktails, food, and more…sounds like the right formula for the modern renaissance woman. Television host, travel writer car chic, and sommelier. Let’s talk all that and Classic Mustangs too with Heather Storm. Heather, welcome to Ford Mustang The Early Years Podcast.

  • I don’t want to bury the lead — legit sommelier? Wine lover?
  • Ok – now that I got that over with, tell me about your 65 coupe?
  • What sparked your love of the Mustang as a daily?
  • What work do you do and what do you leave for someone else?
  • When you were 8 your dad brought home a 1979 El Camino. Tell me about that time of your life
  • Props to your loyalty to Ford, but I do see a lot of you and the Bronco. It might not be politically correct but which child do you like more, Bronco or Mustang?
  • Do you get any razzing from friends in the modeling business about being able to turn a wrench?


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~Doug Sandler

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