Wade Sovonick drives a 1965 6 cylinder and founding member of  Mustang 6 Association and its Facebook group dating back to 2014. Loves driving his 65 vert and has the chops to be here with us today.  

Jon Campagna is an admin for Vintage Mustang 6 forum with over 4,900 members and has worked on vintage Fords his whole life. He is also a Aircraft Mechanic for Delta Airlines … and I am pretty sure they have some cool turbo units in those engines

Cody and Preston Ingrassia, also known as The Mustang Brothers have been working side by side with their dad Chris “The Doc” Ingrassia for 27 years. The Docs video and now The Mustang Brothers video routinely go viral do to their no nonsense, clear approach to Mustang restoration and repair.

Matt Cox is the owner and founder of Vintage Inlines and co-author of Ford Inline Six. He’s been a fan of the 6-banger since he got his first car in 1979, of course a 1966 6-cylinder Mustang 


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