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General Manager at Vanguard Motor Sales. We buy, sell and trade Classic American Muscle Cars, street rods, low mileage late model cars. We have been in business since 2004 and have thousands of cars online. We don’t do any consignment. We buy high quality cars, fine tune them and sell them. We do not restore cars. We are experts in the classic car market. We are based in the Motor City, and Mustangs are one of our favorites! 


Are you are in the business of selling, modifying, repairing or restoring Classic Mustangs?  :



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Instagram @vanguardmotors

Facebook  Vanguard Motor Sales

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Cover art photo credit: Melissa Marschke


An Expert’s Guide to Maintaining Your Classic Mustang — a handful of experts add their smarts and help you through preventive maintenance and challenges you might face when it comes to maintaining your pony.


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