With over 28 years of hands on experience, Steve Linden has built a solid reputation as the “go to” source for classic and vintage vehicle services. In the conversations I’ve already had with Steve, his attention to detail and focus on the customer experience has helped him build his business to where it is today and it’s easy to see why he’s a huge success. Steve performs vintage and classic car appraisals, pre-purchase inspections, export services if you want your classic ride to be shipped outside the US and this intrigues me as well, Steve provides expert witness services too, we will talk a bit about all of these today.

Here’s what Steve and I talk about on today’s show:

  • Share with our growing community, how you got into the car business?
  • Steve, what’s your thought about buying or selling a car through an auction?
  • Many of our fans are doing work on their own and in their garages as we all know accidents can happen. Share what happens when the unfortunate happens and there’s a fire.
  • What are your thoughts on restoration versus modification as it pertains to value of a classic ride?
  • Let’s talk for a moment about pre-inspection of a car. What do you look for?
  • Is a car less valuable if VIN doesn’t match everywhere?
  • What do you like best in the world of early Mustangs?
  • When we spoke prior to the interview you mentioned you have been in your share of classic Mustangs. What are you seeing as some common things to look for when buying one?
  • Tell me about MotorMouth Radio?

Website: http://www.stevelinden.com
Phone: 516-524-4102

Have an idea for the show or think you’d make a great guest, send an email to the host:

Thanks for listening, keep it safe, keep in rollin’ and keep it on the road! Until next time.

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