Rudy Mosca (Survivor Story 1)

Let me share in the words of our guest Rudy Mosca the story of Plain Jane — Plain Jane is a 1964 ½  It was sold new at Bob Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. Plain Jane is her nickname due to the lack of most options. The coupe has a 170 six and an automatic with seatbelts. 44k original miles as of now. Used at the Ford 100th anniversary as a display inside the Model T track. Was my Grandfather’s. He was a Ford Executive and had quite the stable of early Mustangs but this was his favorite. My mother and I are the current caretakers now that he has passed and enjoy it as much as we can while catching up on some deferred maintenance. As soon as I could hold a wrench or rag I was tinkering in the garage during the summers. In Medical school I say it’s what keeps me sane and out of trouble.

Dave Brigham (Survivor Story 2)

A survivor from across the pond, in the UK, Dave Brigham has a 1965 survivor. 2 owners from new 1st March 1965, 42,000 original miles. Last owner 1976-2018, All original metal, original motor inline 6. Has been painted  in the 70s original colour original  trim, carpets  replaced. Running driving and tested.

An Expert’s Guide to Maintaining Your Classic Mustang — a handful of experts add their smarts and help you through preventive maintenance and challenges you might face when it comes to maintaining your pony.

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