With quick fixes, hashtag shorts, and a YouTube channel with over two hundred videos and  two point eight million views, Andy Kruse has taken classic Mustang ownership to the next level, sharing his life’s lessons learned as it relates to his 1966 fastback. He’s built his channel almost exclusively on things that he likes to do, which brings us to today. Here to talk all things hobby enthusiast turned teacher, welcome Andy to Ford Mustang, The Early Years

Ford Mustang, The Early Years Podcast — Guest Interview Application


If you own a Mustang, how long have you owned your ride?: 

Current Mustang for about 18 months (this is my third 1966 Mustang)..

Are you a supplier of products to Mustang and Classic Car enthusiasts?: 

Yes – YouTuber

If you’ve made improvements to your classic car or restored it, what work have you done?: 

The list is rather long, I have a whole YouTube channel that covers all the work I’ve done to this Mustang and the others before it.

What plans do you have for improvements/restoration/modification of your classic car?: 

I’d like to eventually put in a 9″ rear, and maybe upgrade the T5 to something stronger.  With the recent addition of the 347, I have a feeling I’ll find the next weak link real soon.  🙂

Social media names/handles

YouTube = Andy Kruse https://www.youtube.com/@AndyKruseChannel/about

Instagram = Andy Kruse https://www.instagram.com/krusebuilt/

Cover Art Credit:  Andy Kruse

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Keep it safe, keep it rollin’ and keep it on the road. Until next time! 

~Doug Sandler

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