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The Duncan Brothers have been building cars privately for 70 years, beginning with brothers Leonard & Barnett Lee Duncan in 1949, followed by Leonard’s sons Rick & Randy Duncan. Now, the 3rd generation of brothers, Aaron & Joey Duncan, are taking it to the next level by offering their custom builds to the public. Aaron Duncan is with us today and we are chatting all things Mustang and a few slightly offbeat ideas that Aaron and Joey are working on today in the world of Classic Mustangs. Welcome Aaron to Ford Mustang, The Early Years Podcast. Cover art Photo Credit: @photoswithjoel

Episode Notes

Ford Mustang, The Early Years Podcast — Guest Interview Application

Do you own an early year Mustang?: 


If you own a Mustang, how long have you owned your ride?:

I have two, a 66 and 05. Owned one for 13 years and the other is a very great story.

What do you do for a living?: 

I run a hot rod shop (Duncan Brothers Customs) that specializes in reimagining new Mustangs into Vintage Mustang tributes.

If you own a Mustang or classic car, have you named your car? 

My 66 is the Ripper.

If you’ve made improvements to your classic car or restored it, what work have you done?: 

Foot print gas pedal and so much more!

What plans do you have for improvements/restoration/modification of your classic car?: 

Modern suspension and handling setup at some point and perhaps an EFI setup.

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