Of all the guests I’ve interviewed since starting Ford Mustang, The Early Years podcast, my guest today, Thom Singer is the only one I have knew before launching this show. As the host of widely popular Cool Things Entrepreneurs do, I’ll add a link to the show notes for that show, Thom is a fellow podcaster, Mustang enthusiast, amazing story teller, very funny comedian and all around good guy, excited to chat, welcome Thom to the show.

Topics Thom and I discuss:

  • Share just a little of your story, podcast host, event MC, professional speaker, and the comedian part especially?
  • What got you hooked on Mustangs?
  • Was it a family affair?
  • Do you still have the car?
  • What’s in your garage now?
  • Can you see yourself buying another classic Mustang?
  • Do you do work on them yourself?


Special Links:

Thom’s Podcast

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do


Thom’s email:  thom@thomsinger.com

Have an idea for the show, want your classic Mustang on the cover of our weekly show or think you’d make a great guest, send an email to me: doug@turnkeypodcast.com or check out the website, http://www.TheMustangPodcast.com

Thanks for listening, keep it safe, keep in rollin’ and keep it on the road! Until next time.

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