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While vintage iron is his profession and love, that desire is only matched by his love of rock and rock. His fan base consists of the car crazy, and those that share an appreciation for machines that swallow fuel hard, leaving only a few drops behind on the already stained garage floor. He has been dubbed the “most influential and relatable automotive storyteller” by Four Barrel Media and he is here to chat with us today about all things vintage metal. Welcome to Ford Mustang, The Early Years — JP Emerson.

Website : www.jpemerson.com

Episode Notes

From JP Emerson’s website “About Me” page:

My affliction with vintage iron is matched only by my knowledge of classic Rock ’N Roll. Although a heavy lean to all Classics, I have a sharp appreciation for all makes and models, especially those that gulp gas and drop oil to mark their territory.

Having regularly provided content for many globally recognized publications, manufacturers, websites, blogs and a top secret list of celebrity and auto insiders, I understand the bond between cars and owners.

“A passionate and knowledgeable automotive enthusiast, JP Emerson brings an authenticity to his work that resonates with car-crazy readers.”  Steve Turner 

What do you do for a living and is it related to classic cars or Mustangs?: 

I am an author and journalist who covers classic cars, the people who own them and the great stories we all share with a common automotive theme. My work has appeared in virtually every major automotive publication as well as television and corporate sites.   

What can we promote on the show to our community of Mustang owners?  : 

I have a series called “Power Profiles” where I spend time with many automotive celebrities sharing stories, experiences, laughs and behind the scenes information. 

Twitter: @The_jpemerson      

Website : http://www.jpemerson.com

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Thanks for listening, keep it safe, keep in rollin’ and keep it on the road! Until next time. 

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